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  Guangdong GuangKen Machinery Co.,Ltd.is located in Zhanjiang City, Chikan District, the factory covers an area of 150,000 square meters, fixed asset original value of nearly 5,000 million, the main production equipment 532 sets, high-, intermediate professional and technical personnel more than the total number of employees accounted for 30% above, under the Ministry of Agriculture Nongken holding enterprises directly under the Ministry of Agriculture for the mechanical point thermal plant in Guangdong Province for 22 years, "Shou contract re-credit business."

  The company’s processing equipment and perfect testing equipment, foundry equipment, advanced technology vacuum casting the leading scientific and technological progress in Zhanjiang City, was awarded first prize, the annual output of 2,000 tons of ultra-; sheet metal processing a high degree of automation, stamping molding equipment, material handling has been adopted and playing sand phosphating process, automatic submerged arc welding has been adopted and automatic CO2 arc welding. Vehicles, milling, planing, boring and other machining equipment, including the goal of precision horizontal boring and milling and lathe equipment is the largest in Zhanjiang. Advanced heat treatment equipment, physical and chemical test equipment, complete inspection and testing equipment.

  New product development to ensure the company’s development, of which sugar cane is the domestic first sampling machine, automatic unloading of sugarcane is the domestic first conveyor, radial tire production line dedicated machines will be used internally first, eight tons per hour of natural rubber production line equipment, an internal initiative, no filter Filter cloth vacuum won several awards for provinces and cities. Press machine, tear solution machine, harrow teeth machines, conveyors and other mechanical products of sugar industry has become a brand, crepe machine, dry mixing machine, plastic machine broken wheel, dual-roll thin machine, granulating machine, such as rubber machinery products industry has become a brand.

  The company has developed into a research, design, manufacture, installation of an integrated enterprise, the success at home and abroad in recent years, the construction of a number of plastic plants, ethanol plants, sugar mills, particularly in Southeast Asia and Africa enjoy a good reputation.

  Widely cultivated in Guangdong Machinery Co., Ltd. based on the original state-owned industries, technology, brand, management strengths, as well as the operating mechanism of joint-stock companies the advantage of being new to the domestic first-class, heavy machinery for the production of heat enterprise.
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